Which Apps From Itunes Are Best For Managing Your Finances

Which Apps From Itunes Are Best For Managing Your Finances

There are a lot of free finance management apps at the Apple iTunes store that you can download. The finance management app helps you to organize all aspects of your finance so that you can effectively keep track of your spending. With the app, you will be able to stay on track on your savings and finance goal. The following are 4 apps from iTunes that you can use to plan your budget and manage your finances.

1. Mint
Mint is a fully customizable finance management tool that allows you to see a complete picture of your finance such as balances, transactions and bills on a single screen. To set up your account, you must first select your account provider and sign in through the mobile app. You can categorize your transactions into categories like transportation, groceries, dining and etc. The app also let you know how much it think you should spend on a particular category of expenses. It will send out a notification when you spend more than the monthly budget.

2. Wally
Wally is a free app which you can use to enter your income and expenses. You can enter the expenses on the home tab in the opening screen. There are many expense categories to choose from including transportation, and entertainment. Every major category has a subcategory. Wally will connect the expense to the shop where you were just now on a map. It allows you to take photos of the receipts. The income tab allows you to key in multiple income sources. You can also set a savings goal in the income tab. You can check your spending habits in the review section. The data can be exported to your iCloud on CSV.

3. Mvelopes
Mvelopes allows you to sync to up to four accounts. You can sync accounts from a bank, credit union, paypal and financial institutions. After syncing your account, you will be able to import your balances and transactions. It automatically categorize your transactions but you can create your own categories. You can set a budget for each category or envelope. Up to 25 envelopes can be created. You can view a complete report of your spending/income, and networth and how much you have spent in each category. It allows you to export the report in PDF or CSV format.

4. Penny
Penny allows you to categorize your spending in simple categories. It shows monthly summaries of all your bills. You can set your savings goal and keep track on it with user friendly graphs. It logs all your transactions on a single place. Penny offers visuals that shows you at a glance how much money you are gaining or losing in day/week/month. The chat bot named Penny will answer all your questions about finances instead of you having to flip through the graphs yourself.