Green or Blue Colors For Fireplace Insert Logs

If you owned a home with a fireplace, would you prefer to have a fireplace log that is blue or green in color? While this is likely a very strange question, its one that may be worth pondering further to help understand how your personality and style could impact your overall financial goals and saving pattern. Sounds too strange to be true, well there is a correlation to choosing colors and your personality types, and we can draw some conclusions from the choices you make based on the color (blue versus green) that you choose. Whether it is with a fireplace insert log, or something else that is equally as abstract is a process you will need to internally review.

Blue versus Gree when choosing your style of fireplace insert logs

So what step do you need when moving forward to determine which color is best for you? Are you a fan of blue, green or perhaps orange? Whatever color you choose may tie into your overall goals and outlook and tell more about your unique personality. Colors can have a telling sign into your overall psyche and testing your personality type can help you better structure your goals.