Finance Companies Offering Personal Loans in Washington in 2015

If you are looking for a personal loan and reside in Washington State, chances are you might find a good deal at a bank or local credit union. Yet are you sure that you are getting the best possible rate with the most flexible terms that suit your financial life and habits? Unless you are also looking for loans online and comparing your options and rates, you just might be missing out on the best possible deal. If you have avoided looking online for a personal loan lender due to all the search engine spam results that go nowhere, look not further than this article. We are going to highlight several of the bankrate for personal loans that service residents of the state of Washington.

Of course before you apply you should have the required information on hand. You should have at a minimum the start date of your employment, your monthly and weekly income, and your social security number handy. You should also be prepared to fax or send an email scanned copy of proof of income, as most lenders will require that reported income be verified. To increase your chances at filing out a successful loan application you should also know where your credit score stands. It would also be a good idea to pull all 3 of your credit reports and look for any errors, studies have shown that about 25 percent of all credit reports contain errors that negatively affect consumers credit reports. The take away lesson here is to monitor your credit and to be aware of where you stand. Also beware that applying for any loan will impact your credit regardless if you are accepted for a loan or not, due to the hard inquiry that will appear, however several online lenders will give you the option to pre-qualify without effecting your credit score. Here is our list of the top lenders offering personal loans in Washington state.

This lender is outstanding and has a solid reputation for an online lender. You can check your rate offer with Avant, without affecting your credit score. What we like about Avant is that they offer competitive interest rates to people with a wide range of credit scores. They also have eliminated some key fees from their loan products, for example they do not charge an origination fee, which a fee that most lenders tack on as a charge to borrow money. They also do not have prepayment penalties, so if you want to pay off your debt ahead of time, you will not be penalized for doing so. Customer support is U.S based, and available 7 days a week via their toll free number. Interest rates vary according to your credit worthiness, but since checking your rate will not affect your FICO score, you should see what Avant can offer you. Learn more at


This online lender also serves residents of Washington State, and like Avant, you can check your rate without taking a credit score dent. If your credit score is excellent, and if you meet their other conditions, you will receive an AA rating with prosper, which opens the door for interest rates as low as 5.99%. They offer personal loans for a variety of purposes, with amounts varying from $2000 to $35,000. In order to receive a loan here you will need at least a credit score of 640. If you make use of personal loans often, this lender does have one key perk that may interest you, repeat borrowers in good standing can receive rate discounts on new loans.


This is the go to lender if your credit score is hurting, and if you have friends, family or a decent social network you can tap into. This lenders loan platform and lending model is unlike any other on the market today. How it works is you get people you know to vouch for you, meaning they agree to be responsible for a part of your loan. The more vouches you can get to back your loan, the lower the rate you will receive, for example on a $2000 dollar loan, 5 vouches will shave off 5 percentage points off of your loan. This has changed lending as we know it today. Of course the entire system relies on your ability to reach out to others and convince them to join your effort by backing you up via a Vouch. Learn more at